Perfecting Vegetative Process with Bio Compos from Angputra (Granule)

Enriched with Humic Acids, Amino Acids,
Complete Microelements, and Active Microbes

Fertilizer Usage:
1. Help plant photosynthesis and genetic formation
2. Stimulate growth of stems and roots, so drought resistant
and helps the formation of seeds and fruits
3. Help speed up harvest naturally, so harvest is on time
4. With citric acid and water soluble, water absorption become
5. Perfecting vegetative process (perfecting roots, stems,
fruits, leaves ), and reduce usage of chemical fertilizer
6. Increase harvest amount, so it will be more profitable

Increased Harvest with Premium Crumb Organic Fertilizer

Enriched with Humatic Acid, Amino Acids, Complete Micro
Elements and Active Microbes

Fertilizer usage:
1. Help photosynthesis and forming of plant genetic
2. Stimulate the development of stems and roots, so resistant
towards drought, and help the formation of seeds and fruits
3. Accelerate the harvest naturally, so it is on time
4. With citric acid and water soluble, water absorption become
5. Perfecting the vegetative process (perfecting roots, stems,
fruits, and l

Best choice Angbio – Liquid humic biostimulants

Rich in humic acids, amino acids, complete
microelements, and active microorganisms.

Fertilizer usage:
1. Increase soil fertility and structure by using fertilizer.
2. Improves the soil’s ability to absorb water via increasing cation
exchange capacity (KTK).
3. Enhance NPK function and minimize inorganic fertilizer consumption to
make it more efficient.
4. Boost yields in a healthy way.
5. Increases soil PH and eliminates pollutants in the soil magically.
6. Enhance vegetative processes (roots, stems,

New Formula Guano Phosphate 100% Indonesia Nature

Enriched with Humatic Acid, Amino Acids, complete Micro elements

Fertilizer Usage:
1. Help plant photosynthesis and respiration
2. Nucleic Acid help forming plant genetic
3. Stimulate growth of stems, leaves, and roots, so it’s
resistant to drought, and help forming of seeds and fruits
4. Naturally speed up the harvest, to harvest on time
5. With Citric Acid and water soluble, water absorption become
6. Perfecting vegetative processs (perfecting roots, stems,
fruits, leaves), and reduce usage of chemical fertilizer
7. Increase harvest amount, so it’s more profitable.

Provide full nutrition with Angputra XPK Fertilizer (Premium)

Enriched with Humatic Acid, Amino Acid, Complete Micro
Elements (MgO – CaO – Sulfur – Boron – Silica)

Usage of fertilizers:
1. Supports organic farming
2. Spur plant growth
3. P205 content speed up the fruit maturity and strengthened the
plant so it doesn’t collapse
4. Potassium act as activator in helping water
absorption and earthquake of the land
5. Provide full nutrition for you plant maximally, so the
farmer is abundant and healthy


  • C-Organik  ± 20%
  • C/N ± 3,94
  • Nitrogen (N)  ± 5%
  • Phosphate (P205)  ±5%
  • Kalium (K20)  ±5%
  • Water content ±15%

Dolomite Granule

Dolomite and Dolomitic limestone are added to soils and soilless potting mixes as a pH buffer and as a magnesium source. It gradually dissolves into the soil, neutralizing acidity from further watering and fertilizing. Dolomite also helps plants absorb nutrients more effectively.

Angputra producing granulated dolomit with The specification as follow :
• Containing MgO 19-20%
• Moisture content max 8%
• Granule size 2-5 mm

NPK Enriched with Organic Matter

This Product is very special. This fertilizer containing Organic Matter anf macro Nutrient N, P, K, and some of micro Nutrient. Made of organic substances being formulated to achieve complete and high nutrition needed by plants.
• Containing organic N (5%)
• Containing Organic P2O5 ( 5%)
• Containing Organic K2O (5%)
• Containing high Organic Matter (60%) or Organic Carbon (30%)
This type of fertilizer has been succeed in Korea


PT. Angputra Global Organik produce Indonesian Guano Phosphate Fertilizer for both domestic and overseas needs. Pack in 50 kilogram, 1250 kg/jumbo bag, and bulk container.
Few variants for Exported Guano Phosphate Fertilizers:
• Powder with total 21% of P2O5
• Granule with total 21% of P2O5, 24% P2O5
• Formulated Guano Phosphate with Elemental Sulphur ( 18% P2O5, 10% Elemental Sulphur ES)
• Formulated Guano Phosphate with additional Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, and elemental sulphur.
Our ganule product has a very good physical properties, size 2-5 mm diameter, no dust, and very good hardness ( 10-20 N).
Indonesian Guano Phosphate consider as the safest Rock Phosphate in the world :
• Very low heavy metal mostly Cadmium (Cd)
• Very low Iodin (I)


PT. Angputra Global Organik become a partner of PT. Petrokimia Gresik, a State Owned Fertilizer Company. Angputra and PT Petrokimia Gresik have an agreement to produce Subsidized Organic Fertilizer called Petroganik as a brand since 2009 untill now. This program has been made to support government achieving national food sufficiency.

This fertilizer is made from organic substances, from animal and plant, has been through a biological process, fermented, and through a special process to form granulated fertilizer. This special fertilizer has been used to restructuring physically, chemically and biologically of soil structure.

Formula Contents:
-C – Organic (Minimum 15%)
-C/ N Ratio (15 – 20)
-Low Moisture Rate (8 – 20%)

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