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Our well experienced research team has been succeeded creating high quality Organic Fertilizer, enriching with Humic Substance, Macro and Micro Minerals needed by the plant, such as Mg, Ca, Zn, Cu, B, Fe, etc. Add with Functional Microorganism, so it will promote the fertility of a tropical area, for the benefit and sustainability of the farming industry. This fertilizer has been called Bio compos. Bio compos has been formulated since 2010, and has been apply on Sugar Cane Plantation, Mango Plantation, and for special grade vegetable. Since 2012 , Angputra also entering sugar cane plantations segment, which then trusted by the Indonesia Sugar Cane Research Centre (P3GI), to manufacture new specific formulation Organic Fertilizer, under BIO COMPOS brand, for the needs of national sugar cane plantations.

Formula Contents:
-Bio Activator
-Bio Chelator
-Organic Concentrates
-Trace Elements
-Functional Microbes (N captivator, P solvent, decomposer and root system reconstruction).

PT. Angputra Global Organik provides a manufacturing process, specialized in customize organic fertilizer, phosphate and with the derivative, and compound formula fertilizer, by a comprehensive understanding of both local and overseas agricultural needs. Despite its main business, Angputra Group also expanding in nutrition technology application for vegetables, through farming business, which promoting food security for nations.

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